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What does it take to be an agent at GoUpRE?

I have often said that what makes an agent special is GoUp. Say it like GOOOOP. It isn’t anything specific. It is a drive to succeed and make it in this industry. We want the real estate we sell our clients to GO UP and we want your income as an agent to GO UP. Simple. I like to say we put U in the GoUp and you make us who we are every single transaction. We want you.

This brokerage was started because transparency is needed in the real estate industry. No agent should be concerned with whether or not they have a good deal or a good split.

Our philosophy and approach to agents is really simple. WE HATE FEES and ripping off our fellow agents!!!

So, we got rid of those pesky fees. You pay enough fees. You heard that right. No monthly and no desk fees.

Everyone splits at 80/20 until they reach their goal.

Everyone’s goal is $12k. That’s right you pay $12k for a full-service brokerage with an awesome accessible broker.


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